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Ambassador Tachibana [userpic]
RP log: Kippei and Shinji
by Ambassador Tachibana (ahael)
at November 23rd, 2006 (06:47 am)

Date: BACKDATED very old, Oct. 26th
Rating: NC17
Summary: Kippei is behaving oddly, and Shinji has a few questions, but he gets a little distracted.

Kippei did not intend to talk to Shinji about his fight with Inanna, if it could be called that, or even tell him about it. If she wanted to mention it to him that was her affair, but Kippei was going to stay as far out of her life as he could manage from now on. He was upset, but the truth was he was more hurt than anything, and also feeling guilty about damn near everything. He'd thought she was a friend, even felt rather as if she were a sister, now that he and Shinji were together, and he'd hoped she felt the same way, but apparently not. Between Louise's words and Inanna's own, he'd gotten a pretty clear message, or so he thought, that as far as she was concerned he was just another client, and a dangerous one at that. She'd never really seen him as anything more, and therefore there was no reason for him to inflict her with his visits, as a friend or anything else. He'd come to see her as family, but he'd obviously misjudged her completely. It felt like losing a sister, with the added guilt of still being held responsible for having treated her badly, and the compounded feelings served to keep him from seeing or contacting her in any way. He didn't even tell Shinji to say hi for him when he knew he was going to be seeing her. The less she was reminded of him, the better. He wouldn't do anything to cause her distress again.

But he kept it to himself, by way of going back to work instead of going home that day, until he'd buried the reaction deep enough that it would not be immediately noticeable to Shinji. It wasn't that strange for him to work late just now, when he had so much to catch up on. He was glad that Shinji didn't ask too many questions, and with some effort pretty much put it all behind him, suppressing it almost completely. Save for him being a little quieter in the next few weeks, slightly more reserved, nothing really changed. He would get over it. He'd misunderstood, that was all. He'd keep an eye on her from a distance and not bother her directly anymore.

Kippei was acting odd. Well...that wasn't perhaps the fairest assessment of it, but it was how Shinji was looking at it. The Ambassador was more in control, and Kippei spent more time at work now, and he was quiet. Of course, he was usually quiet, but now moreso than usual. And at home he clung more and touched more, as if trying to compensate for something and while Shinji liked the attention it was starting to nag at him because why the hell was Kippei trying to make up for not touching someone else by touching his boyfriend? That just seemed, logically, all kinds of wrong. So Shinji deliberately worked more too, trying to sort it out and coming up with absolutely nothing and after a few days Kippei seemed a bit better anyway, but that didn't mean much. That just meant Shinji had failed and Kippei had buried it before Shinji had even figured out what it was. Fan-fucking-tastic.

So Shinji went home early, and he even shopped, and he cooked, which he really wasn't any good at so it was something stupidly simple, and he cleaned up all the crap he had left around the apartment and then sat down to wait, wondering if he was going to be having dinner with his boyfriend or his alter ego, or even if Kippei would come home tonight at all.

Kippei had no idea that Shinji had even really noticed his emotional upset, and certainly wasn't planning on avoiding him when he felt that he'd put the issue safely behind him and locked it in the past. He refused to think about it anymore, having accepted that things were the way they were, and all he really had was Shinji. He couldn't complain about that. He was still working a lot, but less because he wanted to and more because there were just so many things that needed his attention. So he came home on time, most of the time, or as soon as he could, relieved to be back with the one person he could count on.

He was incredibly surprised to realise that Shinji had cooked, and stood blinking for a moment before he came further in, taking off his jacket and giving Shinji a faintly bemused look. "You made dinner?" he asked.

"No," Shinji mumbled, looking a little peeved. "I attempted to make dinner. I have no idea what it tastes like, and have no idea how to cook, so...you might want to have something else." He was fiddling with a new version of his 'guard cat' since obviously, if she had a boyfriend, the old one was not doing a good enough job of protecting Ina. So he was...customizing the original model. Right. Just a few...little...changes. But he put it down because it was nowhere near as interesting as Kippei. Looking over the back of the couch, Shinji just stared at him, watching.

Kippei smiled faintly, still a little bemused about the why of it, but Shinji had done it for whatever reason even though he thought he wasn't good at it, and of course Kippei would eat it no matter what it tasted like. Unless it was really, really bad. But it smelled okay.

"I think it should be fine," he said finally as he moved toward the bedroom to get out of his work clothes. Damn uniform.

Shinji leant out over the back of the couch, following Kippei with his eyes, watching as he went into the bedroom and smirking a little as he started his little striptease. Yeah, he had the hottest man in the whole fucking universe.

"Do yuo know there is only one place on the whole station that sells lentils? I think that's weird. I mean lentils grow everywhere and they're cheap, so why doesn't every place sell lentils? ...I guess not many people cook themselves these days.." Shinji sure as hell hadn't before now.

Kippei nodded absently, grunting an affirmative, not really caring where the hell lentils grew or why they were hard to find. It was cool that Shinji decided to cook, but Kippei could not for the life of him understand why. The only time he'd ever tried to cook, it had been for Shinji, back when.... okay, so maybe Shinji was cooking for him? In which case why became a whole different question. Kippei frowned a little, wondering if he should worry about it.

He pulled on some more comfortable clothes and wandered back out, leaning over the back of the couch for a kiss and deciding that the why of it didn't matter much. "You ready?" he asked Shinji.

"Mmm...I think...one more..." He tugged Kippei back down for another long kiss and then smirked, nodding a little. "Yeah, ready now." He got up quickly and went to the microwave, heating the food through the last little bit and then carrying it to the table. It was simple, because he had reasoned it was less likely he would stuff up something simple. Just a vegetable casserole but it really did smell good so maybe it was okay. He put out two bowls and served it up, still keeping an eye on Kippei the whole time. Damn sexy boyfriend.

Shinji was watching him, which was kind of nice... Shinji seemed to do that a lot, but Kippei thought he was doing it a little more often lately. It wasn't like he minded, though. He sat down, sniffing appreciatively, and kept an eye on Shinji right back. It was dinner with excellent scenery, after all. The casserole was actually pretty good, and he made a soft contented noise as he took a bite of it.

"It's good," he assured Shinji. "Don't worry."

Kippei could be lying, but he didn't really have any reason to lie. Shinji eyed the food a little dubiously but dipped his spoon in and took a tentative mouthful. Hot and squishy and not bad at all. He grinned and took a few more mouthfuls, thinking it wasn't really nice of Kippei to stare back at him. That was Shinji's favourite sport and it wasn't nearly as fun when he was wondering if he had food on his face. Ah well, fair was fair.

"How was work? You've been pretty busy lately..." Hadn't he? He wasn't just avoiding Shinji, right?

"Yeah," Kippei answered, sighing, gradually relaxing a bit as he ate and soaked up Shinji's presence. It always took awhile for him to unwind when he came home, and it seemed to take a little longer than usual lately. "It was busy. There's a lot to catch up on since I was gone so long." He fell silent then, not liking the reminder. Way too long gone.

Shinji tilted his head a little, thinking and finishing his mouthful, then reaching out with his feet to wrap them around Kippei's.

"Mmm I bet they're happy to have you back then." Because Shinji sure as hell was, though he didn't like that they were because it meant more time in the office for Kippei, and that always made the Ambassador stressed...good excuse for massages though.

Kippei snorted, faintly amused, but relaxing a little more as Shinji's legs intertwined with his under the table. He slid down in his chair a little, getting more comfortable and incidentally putting his feet within better reach of Shinji's.

"Mmm I doubt it," he answered. "At the least, they're pretty ambivalent. Maybe things are getting done again, but none of them like me much." He shrugged, unconcerned.

Shinji blinked, and then recalled not liking the Ambassador much himself and just snickered softly.

"You know...if Ambassador Tachibana was more like Kippei, they might like him a bit more. Not that they have to like you. I mean I like you and really, I'm all that matters, but if you wanted them to like you, you just need to smile at them."

Kippei shrugged again. "I don't care, really. They don't have to like me, and I have to be the Ambassador while I'm there or nothing will get done. It's not a big deal." He couldn't really imagine acting with them the way he was with Shinji, even a little.

Shinji just smiled because he didnt really want anyone else to get to see Kippei the way he did. That was special and it made him feel special and when your boyfriend rarely said those three little words, it was a sign all the time that Kippei did indeed love him. Kippei was only Kippei for him, and that was incredible. Well, and maybe Ina but that so didn't count.

"You really like it?" Shinji actually thought it wasn't bad at all, and considered maybe trying something a bit harder, in the future. Next week maybe...or the one after that. Or maybe he would save it for special occasions.

It took Kippei a minute to realise he was talking about the food again. "Yeah," he agreed. "I really do. It's great." And it felt really special somehow that Shinji had gone to the trouble of cooking for him. "Thanks for doing it."

It made it even better somehow, to know Kippei liked it and was thankful and enjoying it and yeah, even if it wasnt always with cooking Shinji decided to surprise Kippei more often. Kippei's needed surprising, after all.

"I fell in a laundry chute today. Well, I still maintain the guy I was working with bumped me in there, but he swears he didn't as if he thinks he'll get in trouble for it or something. As if. I just wanted to laugh at him for it. Besides, I got out of like two hours work because I had to walk back up through Brown and back to where we were working."

Kippei stared at him, slightly alarmed. "You what?" He inspected Shinji more closely, but he didn't look worse for wear. "You fell down.... a laundry chute?" That didn't sound safe at all. "Are you alright?" He wanted to strip him down and check for bruises or something, but Shinji seemed to think it was all a big joke.

"Of course I'm okay, half the station's standard laundry was in it, I landed on about a thousand table cloths!" Shinji was a little dumbfounded by the look on Kippei's face but for some reason it just made it funnier. He smiled wryly and shook his head. "You worry too much."

"I'm supposed to not worry when you fall down two levels into god knows where?" Kippei grumbled. Honestly, it didn't matter what he landed on, it still sounded dangerous to him. That stupid idiot he was working with ought to get fired. That was incredibly careless of him. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Shinji just laughed and nodded because there wasn't much point in arguing with Kippei about it.

"I'm fine, Kii." He finished off his casserole and got up, walking around the table to drape his arms over Kippei's shoulders and nibble on his earlobe. "I'm completely fine."

Kippei sighed, half inclined to hunt down the idiot and teach him a thing or two, but Shinji said it was fine and he was nibbling, and that was very fine, so whoever it was just better hope that Kippei never ran into them later. He made a mental note to look up the file, just in case.

"Mmmm," he murmured. "No bruises? Maybe I should check..." He was only half kidding.

"Mm...gee, I dunno. I checked but it was pretty dark down there. Maybe I missed some. And really, if I did, I should get a kiss to make eaach one better..." Shinji sucked hard on the skin behind Kippei's jaw, leaving a dark mark there.

"You've been pretty quiet lately," Shinji observed and damn near bit his tongue. He needed a cover up. "I think I need to make you moan, preferably my name."

Kippei let out a soft sound that wasn't really a moan, yet, and then hummed his approval of this plan. It all sounded good to him. He got up, pulling Shinji close for a quick, hard kiss and then pushing him toward the bedroom. "Now," he agreed. He started taking his shirt off as he went, leaving it on the floor behind him as he caught Shinji and wrapped around him, still stumbling toward their room but preoccupied with kissing skin where he could find it as he pulled Shinji's shirt off too, hands searching carefully, caressing as he searched for any marks.

God, overprotective worry-wart! Shinji rolled his eyes, but managed to get his shirt off and then it was a matter of trying not to trip them both over as he wandered to the bed with Kippei's hands doing a search and rescue mission on his skin...minus the rescue, technically. Shinji turned in his hands and looped his arms over Kippei's shoulders, tumbling them both onto the bed and sighing in relief. Nothing left to do today except enjoy Kippei's company. Perfect.

"Are you okay?" Because he had been wanting to ask and hadn't been game.

Kippei was briefly startled, and then he shook his head, dismissing the question as he leant down to leave soothing kisses all over the perfect skin. No bruises, nothing injured, good and god, Shinji was sexy. "I'm fine," he murmured, smiling against Shinji's skin. "It's been a long couple of weeks, but I have a sexy as hell boyfriend in my bed and he's promised to make me moan, so I'd have to be crazy if I was anything other than very, very good."

Shinji decided not to point out that a great many people already thought Fudomine's Ambassador was insane. He didnt point out that lengthy stays in space alone usually resulted in mental illness either. He didn't think those assessments would be appreciated replies. So instead, Shinji gripped Kippei's hips with his knees and spun them over, kneeling over Kippei and returning the favour, searching for bruises he already knew weren't there, murmering soft 'I love you's against Kippei's skin.

Kippei relaxed completely, finally, reaching to tangle his hands gently in Shinji's hair, stroking the scalp as he sighed in appreciation. Kisses from Shinji, hell yes, even though they both knew he didn't have any new bruises--not this time, at least. But it felt good, oh god, so good, touches from Shinji soaking into his skin and spreading warmth and well-being throughout his entire body. He hoped it felt even half as good to Shinji when he touched him back.

"Come here," he whispered, "come here." He pulled Shinji down for another kiss, this one slow and deep and lingering, softly exploring with his tongue all the hot sweetness of Shinji's mouth. He was never going to get enough of this if he lived a hundred years.

Shinji wondered what people would think if they saw the Ambassador damn near begging him to come closer for kisses, but he didn't really care. They would know Kippei was human then, and that he was vulnerable and that was unacceptable. Still, it amused him to imagine others know how soft Kippei could be. How much of a completely needy sap...gorgeous individual that he was. He enjoyed the kiss, drawing it out and making it last and smirking a little against Kippei's lips because he was so owned.

"I'm right here," he mumbled against Kippei's warm breath, feeling himself finally relax completely. "I'll always be right here."

"You better be," Kippei muttered back, stroking warm lazy hands up and down Shinji's back, caressing briefly before he wrapped his arms tightly around him again, holding him as close as he could get. "You're never allowed to go anywhere without me ever again. Or me either," he added. "Always me and you." He turned his head and licked down the side of Shinji's neck, sucking lightly and leaving a slight bruise of his own, because bruises were okay if they were from kissing. "God, you taste good," he sighed, groaning a little as he shifted under Shinji's weight, rubbing against him.

Shinji was going to come up with a good comeback, but then Kippei was rubbing against him and he just gasped and bit his lip and wondered when he was going to go to hell because damn, that felt sinfully good. His skin stung in a good way and he felt marked and owned and that was damn good.

"I promise, I'll always be with you. I won't let you go again...Can't have you running off with the Storm and marrying it."

Kippei let out a breathless chuckle, more wry than anything. "She saved my life, while I was gone," he murmured, holding on tighter and leaving hot, wet kisses across Shinji's shoulder. "You have no idea how close I came, so many times, to saying the hell with it and coming back, even if I got myself killed... but she always reminded me that I had promised you, that I wouldn't, that you loved me and you'd be waiting. If I'm still sane... that's why."

"My ship told you I loved you?" Shinji stared at him, stumped, taking him completely literally.

Kippei chuckled, kissing him right between the eyes on that adorable, confused expression. "You can feel it, Shinji, sitting in that ship, there's love in every line of it. You made it that way. All heart. She's the most alive thing I've ever flown, because you put so much soul into it. It's full of you, and sitting in the pilot's seat is like having you wrapped around me, almost. Just almost," he whispered.

Shinji frowned, because while he was sure he was being complimented he wasn't so sure Kippei couldn't happily replace him with a piece of space junk. Still, he had made Kippei laugh just a little and that was worth a hell of a lot so he settled down and just enjoyed being...complimented. Right. He wrapped his arms around Kippei then and smirked a little.

"Mmm...like this?"

"Yeah," Kippei sighed, sinking into it and closing his eyes, smiling a little. "Almost like that. I missed you so bad, Shinji. So damn bad." He fell silent, hands stroking lazily over Shinji's skin again, slow sweeping arcs of worship. Don't ever let go of me again. Don't ever leave. Not that he really thought that was ever going to happen, but it didn't bear thinking about. If he lost Shinji, he would have nothing left, not even his job. He wouldn't be able to care anymore about a world without Shinji in it, and fighting in a war when you didn't care was a good way to die real fast.

"I know, baby," Shinji mumbled, running a soothing hand through Kippei's hair while his other fingers stroked Kippei's cheek. "I know you did." Because Shinji had too, but maybe not as bad as Kippei since Shinji had at least had Ina to get absolutely plastered with. He would make sure it never happened; that Kippei was never that alone because Shinji was always going to be with him.

"I'll do anything for you." And he meant it. Nothing meant anything in the face of Kippei and what Kippei wanted and needed.

Kippei met his eyes, reaching up to brush the pad of his thumb over Shinji's lips. "I'd do anything for you too," he whispered, and the admission cost him, but it was true and Shinji deserved to hear it. Maybe it was a different way of saying I love you. It wasn't any easier.

Shinji smiled, a little sadly because the things Kippei was willing to give up were monstrous in comparison to the things Shinji had that he could give away for Kippei. He never wanted Kippei to give up anything for him...except any closet mistresses he didn't have. The thought amused Shinji and he collapsed a little against him, just studying and stroking the lines of Kippei's face.

"You're so incredible."

Kippei was, as always, a bit uncomfortable with the way that Shinji said that so easily... he wasn't incredible, wasn't anything near like what Shinji was. Shinji was amazing.

"Mmm," he answered, slipping his hands down inside the back of Shinji's pants. "I thought someone promised to make me moan," he murmured, eyes half closing and a faint smirk appearing as he squeezed possessively, enjoying the way Shinji's arse fit perfectly in his hands.

Shinji chuckled at that, pushing his hips down against Kippei's while he kissed him, distracting while his hands worked at the sweatpants Kippei had pulled on, tugging them back off.

"You should never bother putting other clothes on. Take off your uniform and then it's all good." He grinned and pushed the pants away completely. "I like you in these clothes better."

Kippei snorted. "I'm not wearing any clothes," he pointed out, but that was okay, because now he could push Shinji's away too, leaving them skin to skin and oh hell yes, that was good. "Mmmm," he murmured, biting his lip and refusing to moan just yet. Shinji was going to have to work a littler harder for it, at least.

"I think that was my point," Shinji laughed, watching Kippei carefully and yeah, he was playing hard. Fine, fine. Shinji licked his way down Kippei's throat, across his chest and down in a long line, blowing on the wet skin every now and then, enthralled at the slightly raised bumps of gooseflesh that emerged. Yeah, Kippei was fun to play with.

Kippei shivered, biting his lip harder and running a hand through Shinji's hair, stroking the nap of his neck with a large, strong hand and thinking this really wasn't going to take long at all.

"You're such a tease," he muttered, hanging on to his control by a mere thread. It wasn't fair how easily Shinji could win at this.

"You can stop the teasing any time you want..." Shinji was enjoying it too much to stop right away, but he would get down to business... "All you have to do," he murmured between licks down Kippei's abdomen. "Is moan." And he sucked on the skin just behind Kippei's balls, curious what Kippei's reaction would be.

Kippei gasped, fighting desperately not to make noise or fist his hands too tightly in Shinji's hair, letting go of it finally to clench his hands in the bedsheets. He couldn't even protest anymore, having breath only to keep hanging on, hips thrusting involuntarily as he tried not to writhe shamelessly under Shinji's ministrations. God, it felt so good.

So damned close and no damn cigar. Shinji's fingertips tickled Kippei's balls, barely touching, like feathers scratching at the sensitive skin. He loved that Kippei never lost without a fight, even at this. There was something about it that made sex more exciting, and made it that much more interesting every time. It was always fun.

Oh hell, not that. The whispering, feathery touches dragged a strangled sound out of Kippei and he decided he was fighting a losing battle. "Shinji," he gasped, almost pleading, and then he moaned, letting the sound out helplessly as the sensations rippled through his body. God, Shinji was good at that, and he just wanted more.

"I win!" Shinji grinned and pulled back, yawning and rolling over on his side, curling up a little on the blankets, as if he intended to sleep, which was about as far from the truth as it was possible to get, since he wanted to finish what he had started, but he was enjoying teasing Kippei, and he did have a reputation to live up to after all.

"Fuck you," Kippei responded immediately, not really caring at the moment whether his comment was figurative or literal, dragging air back into his lungs and rolling over to tackle Shinji, hands and mouth assaulting every sensitive place he could remember and a few he was just hoping for. "This war is not over yet," he growled deep in his throat, licking hungrily at Shinji's skin as his hands wandered teasingly down over Shinji's hip and between his legs, brushing against his inner thighs but avoiding his obvious erection.

"Uh...Hey!" Shinji laughed and tried to squirm away but it was useless when he didn't actually want to get away so he just gasped and let his own hands explore Kippei while Kippei's did the same.

"Mmm! There are too many bad ways to continue that conversation. Loaded cannons and white flags unfoiled and god...so not going there...ah!" He bit his lip and kept squirming, Kippei's hands driving him insane.

Kippei snorted with amusement, tugging Shinji closer and fitting himself against his back, reaching finally to wrap his hand around Shinji's cock and stroking slowly, still teasing as he rocked his hips against Shinji's firm backside. "I think we should go there," he murmured, licking Shinji's ear. "I think we should go exactly there."

Shinji groaned loudly and rubbed his backside back against Kippei's cock, because damn, Kippei called him a tease! He reached a hand down between his legs and twined it around Kippei's, rubbing both their hands against his cock, whimpering at the friction because god yes, they should go there!

"In a hurry?" Kippei asked him, laughter in his voice. Now that he was the one doing the teasing, it was somehow easier to stay in control... not that he particularly wanted it to stay that way. "You going to settle for a handjob or you want to do this properly?"

"Properly!" Shinji gasped, groaning loudly and reaching out to grab the lube off the bedside table. Did that little tube ever actually get put away? He didn't think so...kind of funny, not that he was laughing right then. He squirmed free of Kippei's hold and turned them over, smirking a little as he got some lube on his fingers and playfully swiped it across Kippei's cheek and licked it off before wrapping sticky fingers around Kippei's cock, giving him a few quick jerks.

"I do everything properly," he finally noted.

Kippei rolled his eyes, and would have commented but he was too busy trying not to groan at the quick, rough jerking of Shinji's fingers. Shinji was so hot, everything he did just made Kippei feel like he was going to spontaneously combust. That smirk made him shiver with the rush of tingling heat flooding to his groin. Shinji was just living, breathing sex.

"Hurry up then," he muttered, trying to reach and touch and not really knowing what he was grabbing for, just that he was going to die if he didn't get it soon.

Shinji just shook his head and laughed softly as he put more lube on his fingers and went hunting for tight, hot slickness, finding it in the most familiar of places between Kippei's legs and pushing them in, still careful but faster than he had before, still alert as hell for any sign of discomfort on Kippei's face.


"Yes, fine," Kippei grumbled, somewhat disconcerted to find himself on the other end of the teasing again. "Perfectly fine, just hurry the hell up, god." He put his head back on the pillows, gritting his teeth and hearing the moan escaping anyway, his body arching as he tried to push back against Shinji's fingers, wanting more and deeper and now.

Shinji didn't need to be told twice, fingers seeking out the spot, knowing right where to find it and rubbing against it until Kippei's cock was leaking pre-cum, wet and sticky and perfect. Shinji leant down and licked it clean, not that it would last long but whatever. He rubbed the last of the lube on himself and then slipped his fingers free and pushed in, quick and clean and yeah, just a little desperate in his hunger and it was just like always, tight and hot and slick and he was inside Kippei, which never failed to blow his mind.

Kippei had no idea what kind of noise he was making anymore, unable to hear anything past the roaring of his own pulse in his ears, but jesus god, it was probably embarrassing because Shinji was driving him insane. Kippei groaned in relief when Shinji finally entered him, nearly delirious with pleasure already. Shinji always melted him into an incoherent puddle so thoroughly.

Shinji would have smirked and bathed in his winning the war glory, but the fact remained Kippei was hot and this really wasn't going to last long as it was, so he let his hips do what they wanted, thrusting forward, body desperate for some kind of release, but unwilling to give it to himself before Kippei. He massaged Kippei's balls with one hand, fisting his cock with the other.

"I told you I would make you moan."

Yeah what? Hello, incoherent here, and why the hell was Shinji talking? "Shinji," Kippei moaned, half a protest but mostly just sheer mindblown pleasure. "God, Shinji." He was aching, desperate, needing, reaching to hold onto Shinji and pull him as close as possible, urging him deeper as he arched up to meet each thrust. It was perfect, more than perfect, ecstasy and agony and fierce, biting need. Glorious and hungry and divine. Shinji was his own personal god, no question. "Shinji."

Moan and say his name like he was God. Shinji moaned in return, leaning in to kiss him a little desperately, never sure how he got to have this, or why Kippei wanted it other than fuck, it felt good and even Kippei, stubborn bastard that he was, knew that. His body seemed to have a mind of it's own, rougher than usual, more needy and wanton and seeking out it's own pleasure even as it strove to find Kippei's. Something about the way Kippei said his name...

"I love the way you say my name." No one else said it like that.

Of course no one else said it like that. Because no one else loved Shinji the way he did, needed and wanted as desperately as he did, no one else was so completely part of Shinji that they couldn't live without him, because Kippei knew he couldn't. Shinji was his, the only thing that had ever been completely his, and Kippei loved him fiercely and totally, before anything and everything else. Before his job, before his country, before his honor and his pride, he would sacrifice anything if it meant having Shinji. At least he was pretty sure he would. It had never been tested, but as far as he was concerned, up against Shinji, nothing else mattered. He just didn't give a damn.

"Only you," Kippei whispered. "You're mine."

Kippei was supposed to come first, moaning and saying his name just like that, but when he said 'you're mine', just like that, Shinji didn't think anyone would blame him for shuddering in response and coming, blinding light scattering his vision as he clenched his eyes closed and shivered, body aching and releasing and he collapsed a little on Kippei but didn't stop fisting his cock, letting his eyes slide open just far enough to watch, wanting to see the look on Kippei's face.

"Completely yours." Because somehow, in the mind of Kippei, that seemed to mean I love you too.

Okay, that was hot. That was crazy, insanely hot, Shinji coming just like that when Kippei said that, as if he loved it as much as Kippei did, being his. He said 'completely yours', and his hand was still stroking in that maddening way and how was Kippei supposed to resist that, even if he wanted to? But he didn't, so he let go, allowing himself to be pushed over the edge by the intense sensation, intense emotion, Shinji was his and it was unbearably hot and oh god. He was coming before he knew what hit him, coming hard in Shinji's hand, deaf and blind as his whole body shuddered. Just Shinji, that was the only thought on his mind.

Hot. Damn. Kippei was sexy and his and so damn hot! Shinji watched him in a stunned sort of stupor, unable to look away, fingers still languidly stroking, just touching and exploring while Kippei breathed, in and out and in...Gorgeous. Shinji leant up on one elbow and showered him with kisses, unable to stop.

"You're mine. Completely mine." Because no one else got to touch Kippei like this, or see him like this. That was Shinji's territory alone, and he thrived on it. "Love you...mine, mine, mine."

"Yours," Kippei agreed, drained and spent and feeling so. damn. good. "I love you too," he whispered, because it was easier to say at times like this. "Totally yours." And he loved that, loved being Shinji's, loved being the only one that could make Shinji feel like this, the only that Shinji made feel like this. No one else had this, no one else knew it. It was his. He wrapped his arms around Shinji, lazy heavy arms that didn't want to move, but he lifted them and draped them around Shinji's waist, holding him loosely. "Mine." All his.