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The Gentle Man [userpic]
[RP Log] Niou, Yagyuu: Another happy birthday
by The Gentle Man (deus_ex_ludi)
at December 19th, 2006 (02:11 pm)

Date: December 4th.
Rating: Under no circumstances is this worksafe, childsafe or any other kind of safe!
Summary: It's Niou's birthday, and Yagyuu has made Arrangements(tm).

Yagyuu had planned this day for a while, quietly and unobtrusively as was his way. While Niou was at work in his bar, Yagyuu took the day off and descended upon his friend's living quarters like an avenger out of the heavens. For several hours, he tidied, sorted, packed and organised, then went on to wage a brutal chemical war on various germs, molds and other forms of life utterly alien to a man's living space. At least by Yagyuu's definition, and he had a way of making his version stick. When he was done with the final polishing, the entire place shone and sparkled like it probably hadn't done since it received its first tenant. Even Errol's cage got a thorough wipe-down, and the niffledog had the good sense to stay calm and not make a mess while he was let out. The Rokkaku niffledog is not a stupid animal, see. It knows how to recognise a superior predator, and one as easy to appease as Niou's mate was practically a godsend.

The war on chaos won, Yagyuu moved on to prepare dinner. Since it was in Niou's honour, Yagyuu had taken extra care to plot something interesting. The various ingredients, herbs and spices had been procured from a range of places; some exotic and others so common they nearly became exotic from that fact alone. He mixed, blended and layered textures and tastes, colours and aromas into a masterpiece of wicked elegance, peppered cleverly with surprises here and there. A couple of the items were nothing like they seemed, and the wines he had chosen to perfect the picture were as quirky as they came.

When he was certain that everything from the fresh-made rooms, to dinner, to seemingly carelessly laid table were under control -- including a still free-roaming Errol, who had been awarded a lovely slab of duck meat for being a good and sensible pet -- Yagyuu took a shower and dressed up quite casually before he activated the communicator on his hand.

"Niou. I've made dinner at your place. It will be served in ten minutes. Please do not be late." Smirking, he turned the communicator off and took a stroll around to poke at random objects to make the place just a little less tidy. It wouldn't do to cause his friend to have an anuerism, after all.

When Niou got the message he was more than happy to drop everything and head home - he'd been wondering if Yagyuu would do anything (not if Yagyuu would remember, because Yagyuu remembered pretty much everything), and it gave him a bit of satisfaction to have confirmation that he hadn't been completely overlooked. Not that he normally celebrated, but he didn't normally have anyone to celebrate with. The whole damn thing was fairly unfamiliar, really.

If he didn't know Yagyuu so well by now he might have thought he'd walked into the wrong quarters when he got back. As it was, it didn't take a great deal to figure out what was going on here. Even Errol seemed to have been stunned into good behaviour. Yagyuu could have that effect. Still, it was... a pretty shocking change. The place probably hadn't even been this clean when he'd moved into it.

"I'm here," he announced, sliding the door shut behind him before Errol could even think about exploring the exciting world outside. "Eight minutes and twenty-something seconds."

Yagyuu appeared in the door to the bathroom and leaned casually on the frame. "Well done. Welcome home, and happy birthday. You have exactly six minutes and . . . twenty seconds to take your shower. I took the liberty of laying out fresh clothes for you." He stepped aside to let Niou past. The other liberty he had taken, was to provide Niou's bathroom with several sets of new towels. The old ones had mysteriously vanished throughout the day.

"I'll do my best," Niou told him cheerfully, and vanished into the bathroom, showering a lot more quickly than he'd normally like to, noting the changes with amusement. The new towels looked far better than his old ones, which were really kinda threadbare - he couldn't say he mourned the loss.

"How'd I do?" he asked, stepping out again, dressed in the clean clothes (somehow cleaner than they usually managed to be even when he'd just washed them). "Think that was less than six minutes. Do I get a prize?"

"Yes," Yagyuu answered from over by the dinner table. "You get to eat your dinner." He was standing next to said table, having just lighted the five candles that were set out on it in a very offbeat pattern. The look he gave Niou could only be interpreted as appreciative. "Come, take your seat. A couple of these dishes need our immediate attention, for they are very . . . fleeting."

Which was an intriguingly weird way to describe anything you were meant to eat, as far as Niou was concerned. Already considerable interest raised slightly higher, he made his way over to the table and sat, taking in the way it was laid out. Unconventional, but in a very calculated way. So very Yagyuu - if he was going to do something out of the ordinary, he would do it perfectly. Niou couldn't help grinning to himself. "Only you, Yagyuu."

Yagyuu smirked back. "It had better be." Then he produced the appetizer, serving Niou his plate first and then sitting down with his own. It looked like a psychedelic coloured, rorshach-shaped piece of fish. Smallish, two centimeters thick, resting on a bed of dark brown rice and giving off an interesting, slightly citrusy scent. Yagyuu raised his fork and nodded to Niou. "Tuck in, this one doesn't keep."

He lowered his fork to the "fish", but stalled just in time for Niou to break the shell of his first. Because there was a shell, or membrane, invisible until punctured and covering a bit of a surprise.


The piece exploded and turned itself inside-out, presenting a moist, pale interior sprinkled with fine slices of leek and miniature peppers.

Niou stared for a moment, taken by surprise (although he had half expected something to happen after Yagyuu's earlier comment about the nature of the food), before bursting out laughing. "Explosive food. You made me explosive food. It's perfect."

Yagyuu smiled, pleased with the reaction. It had taken him some fifteen test runs in his own kitchen to get it right, because it relied upon a very exact amount of alcohol and heat-released gases to produce the desired effect. Precision and timing was essential in preparation, cooking and serving. "You are welcome to it, Niou, and I will be very welcome to the images of your face just now. I can't even begin to pronounce the proper name of this dish, but in the human tongues it goes by the name 'Asimov Surprise'. It's quite tasty."

He detonated his own piece and lifted his glass in a toast. "To your health."

"To my health, and explosive food," Niou agreed solemnly, the corners of his mouth threatening to twitch into a smile. He gave up fighting it pretty quickly, and set about approaching his food - with only a little bit of caution. It really did taste nice, though.

It was, Yagyuu decided (and not for the first time), very good to see Niou smile in earnest. It was a rare sight, and he doubted that there were more than one or two other people in the galaxy who had seen it. If that. Yagyuu might very well be the only one, and he would't mind keeping it that way. There was very few things he could or would truly call his, but Niou was, by Niou's own choice, his.

Such were the thoughts that passed through Yagyuu's mind as they made short work of the starter. When they were done, he served the main course. It was an eccentric presentation of meat from five different birds native to their home world, vegetables and fruits from the colonies and splotches of sauce; one bitter-sour and one sweet. The wine was a Fudoumine brand, of all kinds, and as he presented the bottle to Niou, Yagyuu smiled just a little. "This is the only good thing to come out of Fudoumine space, and while an excellent wine, not really worth all the trouble."

Niou couldn't really care less what Fudoumine did - but then, he didn't exactly care much about what anyone did, so long as he got to do what he wanted. Yagyuu's strength of feeling on this particular point was almost amusing. As far as he was concerned, good wine was good wine - and this definitely qualified.

He ate contentedly, stealing glances at Yagyuu, feeling - unusually - grateful for the care he was being shown. The knowledge of what a bastard Yagyuu could be only made him more satisfied with the side of the man he got to see.

And an exclusive experience it was, too. Of the small handful of people who had seen this side of Yagyuu, only Niou featured among the living. He rarely had time for it, it was even rarer that he felt it appropriate and for years there had not been any people around that he even wanted to bestow some extra care and attention upon. Up to and including not arranging for Kirihara Akaya's rempoval from the station, either in form of a proper trial and judgement, or by a quieter, more permanent method. If Niou wanted his toy, then Niou was welcome to it -- as long as said toy remembered his newfound fear and respect for his better.

Speaking of the boy . . . "So, how is your little toy minion coming along? Do you think he has told Yanagi all about our little chat, yet?"

"If he has, it'll be a pretty incomplete version." Kirihara was afraid enough to be obedient, that much he was sure of; the problem was that he was also afraid of Yanagi - and had a pretty strong link to him, besides. "It's kinda a balancing act at the moment. So many people interested in the little brat," which could be useful, but made meddling with him more dangerous. Well, if he did eventually prove to be more trouble than he was worth... Niou found the kid kind of interesting, but he wasn't completely indisposable.

"Hmm. I must admit I do not quite see the attraction. Well, for you, certainly -- he is wild and reckless and utterly naïve. But for these other people; Yanagi and the so-called Madame. What in the world do they want with a half-crazed, undisciplined child like that?" Yagyuu turned his wine glass around in his fingers and looked thoughtful. "If his father had been a sensible man, then perhaps whatever talents young Akaya posesses could have been tamed and refined into something of use. But General Kirihara was never one to recognise talent other than brute force."

"Shame, I guess," Niou shrugged. "He's a weird kid. I'm not totally sure even I can get much use out of him, but it's worth a shot." He had to wonder sometimes if Kirihara even realised exactly how lucky he was to still be alive.

"It seems to me he got picked up too late. Training and shaping angry, young boys is an art unto itself, but if the boy is too old when you start . . ." Yagyuu shrugged. "I think he is a waste of Yanagi's time, but Yanagi will have to learn that for himself." After another pause, Yagyuu smirked a little. "As for you, I shall only have to hope that the entertainment you get out of him is worth the trouble."

"Yeah. We'll see." Niou was glad he didn't have the headache of actually trying to train the brat, anyway. Pushing him in the required direction took enough effort sometimes. Anyway, there were more interesting things to be thinking about right now than Kirihara - starting with the fairly impressive meal Yagyuu had put together for him and ending with happy thoughts of how they might be able to spend the rest of the evening.

Yagyuu fell silent, but it was a comfortable and relaxed kind of silence. He took another drink of his wine and rested his eyes on Niou. The man was always interesting to watch, even when the mission objective was to simply enjoy the asethetics of the view.

While Yagyuu admired the sight, Errol waddled over to Niou on a hopeful quest for treats from the table. The spikey little animal communicated his intent by way of a firm yanking of Niou's trouser leg with sharp teeth.

"I was going to do the old 'a penny for your thoughts' routine, but it appears I am being upstaged by your pet," Yagyuu commented with a smile.

"He has a special meat sense," Niou muttered, glancing down at his leg to check how much damage had been done to his trousers so far and deciding how much food would be an acceptable sacrifice. "Little bastard always knows."

There was a pause while Errol was dealt with - ignoring him was pretty much never a good idea - and once his pet was happily distracted Niou felt safe turning his attention back to Yagyuu.

"Mm. The niffledogs have a very keen sense of smell," Yagyuu noted, amused by Niou's grumbling efforts to spoil the animal rotten. "But, I think I shall take the chance to ask my question regardless of the interruption. What was on your mind just a moment ago? You had that look in your eye."

Niou grinned, amused at Yagyuu's persistance. "Oh, I was just thinking about getting you out of those clothes later. Was it that obvious?"

Yagyuu looked even more amused by that. "It was obvious that you were plotting something, but I could only hope that it was something that would also benefit me." His smile turned slightly sharper. "Were you laying any specific plans as to how you would achieve your goal?"

"I guess you'll just have to wait and find out, won't you?" Niou asked. Given that this was Yagyuu, he really should devote a little more thought to the process rather than just the desired outcome. "Unless you have any thoughts on the subject yourself."

"Coy, Niou? That's a new one," Yagyuu teased. "I have many thoughts, but this is your day so my first thought is to be . . . cooperative in whatever strategy you have plotted. If you so desire." It was not a given, after all, that Niou wanted cooperation.

"Really. That's..." Niou couldn't help but wonder just how far that extended - what he could get away with tonight. An interesting thought - an exciting one. He considered, openly curious. "You're feeling generous tonight, hmm?"

"Perhaps. Or maybe I am feeling somewhat greedy. I suspect it depends on how you look at it." Yagyuu sat back and reated his hands comfortably in his lap. He liked the way Niou's eyes gave away just how intrigued that wicked mind of his was, and how it worked at coming up with suggestions.

"It's all a matter of perspective, I guess," Niou agreed, eyes fixed on Yagyuu, appreciative. If it worked for both of them, then why worry? The only problem, really, was that he was feeling somewhat impatient now, his mind full of ideas and his body decidedly interested in trying them out.

"Many things are," Yagyuu murmured, observing Niou like a hawk. "Would I be mistaken in assuming we can live with either interpretation?"

Niou smirked slightly. "Sounds like a good assumption to me." he gave up, got to his feet and moved towards Yagyuu with definite intent - his attention really wasn't on food now anyway. "Let's test it. Just to be sure."

Yagyuu stayed put right where he was. His chair was quite comfortable, plus his seating awarded him prime view of Niou on the prowl. He looked up at the advancing birthday boy attentively. "I take it that the original dessert has been moved off the menu?"

“Mm. Postponed, at least,” Niou said, dismissive, leaning down to kiss Yagyuu roughly, steadying himself with one hand on the edge of the table, the other tangled in Yagyuu’s formerly oh-so-neat hair. It hadn’t even begun to get old yet, this newer element to their relationship, being allowed to kiss and touch. The difference it made, being with someone he actually gave a damn about, was something which still took him by surprise sometimes.

The nice thing about this particular brand of greed, Yagyuu thought as he let Niou take the first kiss, was that it was met, amplified and reflected by his partner as from a mirror image. There was this man -- this space-gypsy con artist who thrived on chaos and lived for the thrill -- who wanted Yagyuu enough to lie to the great Oda Nobunada and then actually choose to stick around. Someone who would mess up Yagyuu's hair and wrinkle Yagyuu's perfectly pressed suits, and who would grab an opportunity to get what he wanted eagerly and with both hands. It was exhilarating.

Yagyuu ran his hand up Niou's stomach and grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him down to straddle his lap. One smooth, insisting move with no attempt whatsoever at breaking that kiss. Yes, Yagyuu thought, the original dessert would simply have to wait because the birthday boy and the cook both desired something else. His other hand travelled up to find the skin on Niou's neck and face, for eager fingers to explore.

Niou had no urge to fight anything which left him pressed against Yagyuu like this, with Yagyuu offering no protest - encouraging, even, touching him and drawing him in. He found himself shifting in Yagyuu's lap, delighting in the friction between their bodies, hands working their way under Yagyuu's shirt and lifting it to expose skin, gradually getting it out of his way.

The sensation of Niou's hands sneaking under his shirt to touch warm skin was as new this day as it was that first night, when Yagyuu had given in to Niou's not so subtle demands. It sent an immediate spike of heat up from Yagyuu's stomach, through his chest and up his throat. It made him intensify the kiss, going on the offence to plunder and devour. Niou too wore a shirt that suddenly became extremely annoying and in the way. Yagyuu wasted little time in tearing it off his partner; gradual could go hang.

An impatient, eager Yagyuu... that was something pretty damn interesting, Niou decided slightly hazily. He touched Yagyuu just as eagerly, hands seeking out sensitive points, teasing just a little; not as much as he might usually. It didn't take long for him to grow impatient himself, kissing almost desperately as his hands fumbled with the fastening on Yagyuu's trousers, too hurried to be coordinated and unable to slow down.

This was dissolving beyond control, and fast. Normally, loss of control was something Yagyuu hated above all else. This was an exception and one he wanted with every fiber in his being. Taking Niou right there on the dinner table chair was, however, something for another time. Slapping Niou's hands away from his trouser buttons, Yagyuu secured his arms around him and stood with little effort. Two heartbeats later, he dumped Niou and himself onto the bed. Yagyuu paused there and took a moment to really look at Niou. The sight of him bare to the waist, flushed with arousal and those sharp eyes on fire with lust and very little else hit him like a sledgehammer to the gut.

"Niou . . . "

Yagyuu's voice was little more than a soft growl. He laid his palm on Niou's chest and slid it slowly and firmly south until his fingers curled hard around the waistline of Niou's pants. "How far are you prepared to let me go?"

"As far as you want to," Niou breathed, eyes drifting half-closed. "Fuck. I trust you." And he wanted Yagyuu, as much as he'd ever wanted anything, more than he'd ever wanted anyone.

"I want everything," Yagyuu whispered and fished something out of his pocket, dropping it on the bed by Niou's pillow. Inside him the little voice warning him to hold back to avoid harming Niou burned to cinders and died. Niou wanted this as much as Yagyuu did. If he screamed (and Yagyuu wanted him to) it would not be in pain.

Yagyuu made short work of peeling off first Niou's pants and then his own, before plastering himself full-length to Niou. He let his hands roam all over his partner's deceptively slender body. Touching, posessing, teasing, coaxing shivers and little noises out of Niou. Noises Yagyuu quickly drank straight out of Niou's mouth when he kissed him again with the thirst of a man lost in the desert. He reached down between them, stroking Niou's cock roughly until he could feel its pulse before venturing futher down and back.

This was spiraling beyond Niou's control so fast, and he should probably be scared by the speed they were going, the intensity of everything between them tonight - Yagyuu was a dangerous person and, right now, every bit as out of control as Niou. But all he felt was want; maybe he was playing with fire, but he didn't care, couldn't. Yagyuu was driving him almost out of his mind with desire, until all he could do (all he wanted to do) was go with it.

It was difficult to get his hand to where he wanted to touch, so Yagyuu made Niou bend his leg up. While he mouthed and licked his way greedily over the expanse of neck Niou had bared to him, he reached behind Niou's balls to rub his fingers along the sensitive stretch of skin there. It was smooth and firm to the touch, and at the end there was the puckered entrance that Yagyuu wanted into. He rubbed around it a few times, massaging it before snatching up the tube of lubricant he had brought. Some other day he might have gone slow, but not now. Now was for making Niou his in body to go with the other bond they shared.

Niou grinned wickedly for a moment as he saw what Yagyuu was doing, but it died in a gasp as his partner found a particularly sensitive point to take advantage of. He bit his lip in anticipation, wondering if he should be surprised that he was so damn willing to be fucked by Yagyuu - probably not. If it was anyone else... but Yagyuu was so far from being anyone else. The normal rules just didn't apply any more.

With fingers now properly slicked, Yagyuu approached Niou's entrance again. After a couple of rounds circling his fingers along the edge, he slipped his index finger inside. Then, as swiftly as he slipped it in, he pulled the finger out and when it returned, it was not alone. Yagyuu bit down on Niou's shoulder at the same time, just where it connected with his neck. He couldn't remember the last time he had been this aroused, this hard and aching to posess another person. Taking time to prepare Niou somewhat, even as fast and rough as this, was prolonging his torment and he punished Niou for it by finger-fucking him firmly.

"This is just a shadow of what is to come," he whispered into Niou's ear, which he was licking his way around. And once the real thing happened, it would be too late to stop.

"Aah," Niou agreed, trying mostly in vain to summon any kind of coherence in the face of Yagyuu's less-than-gentle attentions, "Fuck. Just do it, Yagyuu." It felt so good, rough pleasure and not-quite-pain, better than being handled carefully as though he might break, and - oh, shit, yeah - what was it going to feel like when Yagyuu was actually fucking him?

Niou was about to find out, because whatever hesitation might have lingered in Yagyuu's mind was now firmly banished by Niou's words. He shoved three fingers in to stretch and make way, pausing only to search around with his long finger for the special spot, just about there, that when stimulated should send white-hot sparks through Niou. Like so.

With Niou incapacitated, Yagyuu hurried some lube onto his cock and then manhandled Niou around to lay on his stomach. Yoga-style romantic face to face lovemaking was not on the agenda. He grabbed Niou's hips to pull him up a little, parted his cheeks with one hand, set his cock against the slick, tight little hole and pushed.

"Ah, God," Yagyuu hissed, nearly blacking out from the sensation and only restraining himself from slamming all the way in because he wanted the other kind of scream torn from his partner.

It was, Niou thought distantly, almost too much - threatening to spill over into pain but never quite getting there, until somehow Yagyuu's cock was all the way inside him, filling him completely. He shifted his hips experimentally and bit back a gasp at new pressure on sensitive nerves, his body adjusting quickly, leaving him desperate to feel more.

The restrained gasp registered to Yagyuu's subconscious, making him stop and hold still for a little while to give Niou time to adjust. With focused intent, he leaned in and grazed Niou's neck with his teeth, then lapped at the hot, salty skin with his tongue. He had his cock buried in Niou's ass, he had his mouth on Niou's skin and now he had his hands on Niou's hands, too, lacing his fingers with Niou's.

With superhuman control, he pulled himself halfway out and then. With a strangled grunt. Yagyuu slammed back into Niou. Hard. And again. And again.

Niou could feel it right through his body as Yagyuu thrust into him, dislodging the few coherent thoughts left in his mind. He clutched at Yagyuu's fingers where they were twined with his own almost reflexively, unintelligible noises of pleasure escaping his lips. It was hard, rough, absolutely fucking perfect, except for the fact that he really, really needed to touch himself. That meant trying to separate a hand from Yagyuu's, or pulling the other's hand along with his own - he didn't care which, it wouldn't take much, not with Yagyuu fucking him like this.

Yagyuu's vision had gone hazy and dark, growing steadily dimmer while the storm kept building inside him. His body wasn't under any conscious control anymore, all he knew was the nearly intolerable pleasure of shoving into Niou, harder and faster for each thrust. When Niou scrabbled to move his hand, Yagyuu didn't let go. Pure instinct made him grab for the other man's cock when his hand followed Niou's south. The moment his hand closed around the rock-hard, neglected length he started to jack Niou off. Out of sync with his thrusts, but at the same quickening pace and none too gentle. He was so close to the edge he cold taste it, but there was one more thing that needed to happen before he let go.

"Scream for me, Masaharu!", he hissed. "I want to hear you."

It was easy for Niou to let go, wasn't even really a decision - he was crying out louder and louder with each stroke, each thrust, until he was practically screaming as he came, body tensing, the world blanking out and returning to leave him spent, still only distantly aware of his surroundings.

The louder Niou got, the more Yagyuu lost of himself until the tightening and convulsing of Niou's flesh around his cock and in his hand set him off. A ragged, animal sound tore its way up his throat as he rammed into Niou's ass a few more times at full force. He came as hard as he'd ever done, and fell into blackness as his balls untightened after releasing every last drop of seed into his partner.

Yagyuu came to a little while later, still sprawled all over Niou's back. The fingers on his right hand were still interlocked with Niou's, his left hand was resting partly on the mattress, partly on Niou's arm. He was sweaty, but cooling off, and he really didn't want to pull out of Niou. Now that he was coming to his senses again, he felt a twinge of concern for his lover. He hadn't really meant to lose it so completely, and it was with some reluctance he lifted himself up so he could look for damage. Especially to the ass he had claimed so ferociously. Yagyuu pulled himself out of Niou with care, frowning at the obvious soreness. He stroked Niou's back apologetically, leaned in to kiss Niou's shoulder and whispered to him. "Masaharu...? Are you okay?"

"Mm... hell yeah," Niou murmured, stretching a little, though he found himself wincing at the movement - okay, he was sore, but damn... that was an experience that'd been worth a bit of discomfort afterwards. Yagyuu had done nothing which had been unwelcome - and he found himself surprisingly happy with the tenderness Yagyuu was showing him now, as well. He felt amazingly content, reluctant to move - although they were both decidedly messy, and it was definitely going to start feeling unpleasant sooner or later.

Yagyuu shifted in close, curling one arm around Niou as best he could and nuzzled the messy white hair at the back of Niou's head. That did not sound anything like bravado he decided, and thus he did not need to worry.

Silence descended on them again, while Yagyuu from time to time indulged himself by planting a little kiss here, touching a little there and generally just soak up the warmth and closeness shared. Eventually, though, he murmured a stay put to Niou, went to the bathroom where he cleaned himself up quickly. He brought back a bowl of hot water, some soap, a wash cloth, towels and paper to the bedroom. It was high time to clean up, and Yagyuu set to work on Niou with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The night was still young, and he wanted to make sure that Niou got the most out of his birthday . . .


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whoa. just...whoa. love. this.

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Thank you! It's nice to hear others enjoy watching the twisted twosome as much as we do. #^^#

Posted by: Kira Seyvah (straycat_cayra)
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Oh, I do, I do.

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mmmmmmmm. ♥

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