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spaced_akaya [userpic]
by spaced_akaya (spaced_akaya)
at February 8th, 2007 (12:50 am)

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Rating: Pg-13 for nongraphic killing
Dated: Shortly after the prior log
Summary: Yagyuu/Narita takes care of General Kirihara

His father had been saying something...his voice was hollow and distant, and the words seemed to be echoing in a way where they overlapped what was currently being said. Kirihara was confused, not that it was anything new. His evening meal had been interupted by a summons to appear in the General Kirihara's chambers on base, he was doing well to ignore the growling discomfort in his stomach and try to focus on the words. There were likely to be either insulting in nature or further orders, but it seemed like his mind didn't work as the elder Kirihara continued on, his sharp features emphasized by the limited lighting in the dark room. Akaya mindlessly nodded his agreements, aware it would all make sense later anyway.

Yagyuu listened silently to the endless monologue pouring from General Kirihara's lips. The man certainly liked the sound of his own voice, which was hardly news. This man of limited cognitive faculties was one of the more pompous and self-glorifying individuals in Rikkaidai's High Command, and among the foremost warmongers, too. This placed him near the top of Yagyuu's hit list, as this man was personally responsible for thousands of meaningless deaths -- a careless waster of Rikkai lives.

Now, his time was running out. The silly rescue mission that Yanagi had roped Niou into had been extremely convenient for Yagyuu's plans, so he had gone along on it after only token (and very acidic) objections. While Niou and Yanagi had plotted and planned their stunt, Yagyuu had played the role of the near-mute pilot and tended to his own plots in absolute silence. The annihilation of certain key people in key positions was only a small piece of the whole puzzle, but important none the less.

The presence of the younger Kirihara was a mild inconvenience, but Yagyuu wasn't Rikkai's best at his profession without reason. The boy showed obvious signs of the fatigue and confusion that came with brutal physical and mental conditioning; Yagyuu doubted he would be a problem at all. He checked his timepiece. Only another twenty seconds, and the power for this room would be cut. Including the auxiliary power.

Kirihara's dark mane bobbed once more as his father finally said a few words about the process being nearly complete before the room suddenly went dark. His emerald eyes widened briefly in the pitch black of the room before he quickly dug into his pocket, finding an emergency light stick pressed against his thigh. He'd heard something unsettling as the darkness surrounded them, and he heard his father demanding to know what had happened.

Akaya didn't recall ever causing a power outtage, but he had twice set up faulty wires at home intentionally in an attempt to get some attention away from his siblings and show that he was capable of something great as well. So instead, he waited a heartbeat's length before snapping the small rod in his hand and shaking it so it would react and light the room and reveal what had made that odd sound he'd heard.

The sound he had heard, was the shift in the air as Yagyuu moved silently as a ghost from inside the bath room, across the floor to loom over the General. While he moved, he slipped an electric strangling cord from his sleeve into his gloved hand, and by the time Akaya shook the light stick to life, that cord was already snared around General Kirihara's neck. The electric discharge from it rendered the man stunned, and Yagyuu calmly tightened the cord to block respiration.

The light from the stick did not phase him. While he would normally have taken action to neutralise the witness by now, he was curious as to why this boy intrigued Yukimura, Niou and Yanagi so much. So instead of following normal procedures, he stuck with his current task and eyed Akaya calmly. The chances that the boy would recognise him were miniscule, thanks to his careful Mr. Nobody disguise.

The stunned elder Kirihara swallowed thickly in a bid to loosen the cord, anything to survive. Even with the electricity pulsing, his thick and knotted fingers seemed to grip the arms of the chair with incredible strength.

Kirihara looked at the stranger. Someone was choking his father. He should act, should do something to save the General...that was his duty wasn't it. To protect and obey the will of the leaders of Rikkai? He was fascinated by the way the skin appeared to rise around the cord though, and the red lines surging through his father's eyes, and even the way the stranger seemed so calm- like he was trained to-

The old man shifted again in the chair, fingertips shaking slightly almost bidding the boy to come and take his place at the hangman's noose.

"Do not interfere with this termination," Yagyuu whispered when he saw Akaya watching his father's final gesture for help. "This is where the General ceases to be."

He held on to the cord without budging as much as a millimeter, despite the General's surprisingly strong resistance. How many lives he had terminated this way, was only for him to know and he had perfected his skills early on in his career. Death could be such an ugly thing, so Yagyuu would, whenever he killed, make sure that his targets went in an aesthetically acceptable way. Every termination was a work of art, usually with himself as the only spectator.

It would be better to be killed than face his father if he survived the attack as a coward. Licking his lips nervously, he switched the knife he held in his pocket open and dove in, swinging at the stranger with grace and speed in a bid to save the General, his own life worthless anyway.

Hm. Just as careless as before, Yagyuu noted with detached interest. Hardly unexpected, considering what sort of training this Infantry facility provided. He shifted the cord into a one-hand hold; the General was out of strength now, so it was only a matter of seconds before he slipped unconscious. Swift as a striking snake, Yagyuu met Akaya's charge with his other hand, hitting his wrist hard enough to numb his knife-hand, then punching him right in the Adam's apple to drop him. Not hard enough to crush it, just enough to daze the boy.

The boy gasped at the sharp pain as he dropped to the floor beside the knife, grasping desperately at his throat in a plea to catch his breath quickly and continue the attack. It hurt to even try breathing and it was making him light headed. Looking up at his father's face, which was starting to twitch oddly at the whitened and almost froth flecked lips...but rather what caught his eye,


An utterly impassive look was all the answer Yagyuu gave at first. Inwardly, he had to admit to being somewhat impressed. If the boy had actually recognised him through the disguise and the bad lighting, then his observation talent was on the rare end of the impressive scale. The boy's potential there, at least, might even be up near Yanagi and Yukimura. However, it was much too early for the kid to aspire to come up against Yagyuu. Perhaps if Yanagi managed to train him up to his own level. Then, and only then, would the merciless taskmaster who had trained the prodigies Yanagi Renji and Yukimura Seiichi step out from the shadows to see just how far this child could develop. And then he wouldn't come as Narita Eshirou.


For now, Yagyuu would ensure the General's death and leave his son behind for Niou and Yanagi to deal with as they wished. He kicked lightly at the knife, causing it to slide underneath the couch. This was more to make a point than out of any sense of worry.

Coughing dryly, he reached his shaky fingers for the knife, watching the glimmering metal vanish from the light and hit a wall, likely beneath the bed. He knew the General would die soon, and he couldn't stop it. He'd probably be blamed and die either way- but in shame rather than a hero for dying in a battle to save the General. He coughed again, attempting to stand and glare, the elder Kirihara finally going limp and losing consciousness.

Yagyuu tightened the strangling cord one final time, making sure that the Genera's windpipe would stay sealed even after the cord was removed. The sorry excuse for a man had been more resilient than most others would have been, but that was as expected from the surpreme commander of Rikkaidai's infantry troops. Holding it there for one heartbeat, two heartbeats, three heartbeats, Yagyuu watched the boy try to stand up. He too was tougher than he looked, but the training had taken its toll. Akaya moved slower than Yagyuu would have expected him to. Another proof of the dying man's gross incompetence.

With a flick of his wrist, Yagyuu released the cord and started to roll it up with calm, measured movements. "I'm giving you your life, boy," he murmured with a completely anonymous, dead voice. "Use it well. Use it for Rikkai." The cord vanished up his sleeve again, and he stepped away.

He watched, uncertain what to do without a command from an officer or his father...who was very obviously dead. He could see the glinting cord moving along like a silver snake along the dark lines around the Generals throat before daring to speak again, his tone still a bit tight from the blow to his throat.

"You gave it to me so they'll kill me later for your actions." He knew he'd be blamed, it was known he was in his father's room and had reason to attack...with his record it was as well as done now. But he wasn't afraid- fear was long since beaten out of him.

"No. They will recognise the hand of a professional in this. You are not one," Yagyuu told him flatly. The marks on the dead body and on the very alive Akaya would speak their message. Yagyuu felt reasonably sure that his name would come up as a possibility, once the right people got to see the reports and the evidence. There were other possibilities, too, of course. The General had many enemies, and one or two might just have the resources to bring a skilled assassin into play. It would remain to be seen how the investigation would go. The soon upcoming kidnapping of Akaya himself would no doubt cause extra confusion, and sow a significant amount of paranoia in soil that was only too willing to grow the crop.

"Good night." Yagyuu turned and left, counting down the seconds until the power would be back up. Yes, he could perhaps see now why Niou and the others were so interested in the boy. He still thought it would come to no good, though. Akaya was too old to shape properly, but he would follow the future happenings with some interest.

Watching the strange man leave, Kirihara stared at the body a moment longer, thinking he should mourn or something. Instead, he blinked as the lights flickered back on, giving him a clear view of his father's body before doing the only thing he could think to, and leaving for the commanders office to report a killing.