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RP log: Fuji and Mori
by Mori (gleamingbright)
at March 9th, 2007 (02:40 am)

Date: current
Rating: PG
Summary: Fuji goes looking for his erstwhile adversary in search of a little help, Mori is less than cooperative.

Fuji Syuusuke was not generally an impatient man. He'd gone through much in his life, and the recent takeover by Rikkai had unsettled him. After the takeover had been settled, he'd made it top priority to get everything back into shape. Most of all, he was determined to make sure that it never happened again. They could take him unawares once, but not twice.

Now he was moving through the halls of Brown Section, searching for one particular young man. He went by the name of Mori, and they'd been...friendly adversaries, if you could put it that way. The guy was interesting; he knew him mostly from the dealings he had with Inanna. Fuji knew that Inanna had the Gift; what annoyed him to no end was she didn't train it. She could seriously danger herself or others around her if she wasn't careful. That's where Mori came in.

He was hoping to be able to get the boy to see reason and help him get Inanna to allow him to train her. But first thing was to find Mori and convince him.

Mori was not hard to find. He made it a point, at certain times on certain days, to be....available, to anyone who might wish to make use of his particular (varied) services. Today he was sitting at a bar, a slight smile on his face as he surveyed the room, nursing a drink in an absent way as he kept a deceptively sharp eye out for anyone who might be looking for him. He saw Fuji before Fuji saw him, and went still, debating whether or not to do his smoke and shadow routine and disappear. In the end, as usual, curiosity won over self-preservation, and he stayed put, though he pretended not to have seen Fuji at all.

Glancing around the room, Fuji took stock of everything and everyone around him moments before he spotted Mori. The man must be either bored or curious; he hadn't moved from his spot. That didn't bother him at all; it worked to his advantage. At least now he didn't have to go hunting for Mori like some cat and mouse. Not that such games weren't fun, but he was busy at the moment.

Heading to the bar, he sat down a few seats away from Mori, his eyes trailing over to the young man. "You know, there's an old saying on Seigaku, Mori-san. Curiosity killed the cat."

Mori looked up, slowly, unconcernedly hiding the sharp interest in his eyes. He was sprawled out on the stool he held, lanky youthful limbs going everywhere with just enough grace that he couldn't be called awkward. "So I've heard," he said meditatively after a moment. "Chief Fuji," he said in acknowledgment, with a slight nod. He went back to his drink as if he had no further interest in the man.

Which they both knew was a lie. Fuji's lips twitched slightly, but he held his ground. "I understand you're a man who can be bought to carry out certain tasks. Would those skills, perhaps, be available for hire now?"

Mori eyed him as he took another drink, considering. "Now, chief, d'I look stupid t'you? Cuz I can tell you, I ain't. What you wanna know for?"

"Denying what we both know as truth? Not very clever of you, Mori. But you don't have to worry about anything, at least not today. I need your help with a...project of mine. Full compensation, of course." Fuji waved to the bartender, who nodded and gave him his usual. It wasn't precisely alcohol, but it did it's purpose without making him lose control.

Mori snorted, unimpressed by the veiled threat. Of course they both knew, that wasn't the point. Any idiot knew he wasn't going to admit it. Specially not to the fucking chief of security.

"Project like what?" he asked warily. "Have to be damn sight more than compensation to get me working for you," he added with a touch of scorn. He had standards, after all.

Fuji smirked. He'd figured as much with Mori. It was fun trying to rile him up. Yes, Mori usually worked against the law, but Fuji was willing to overlook that little tidbit for now. Mori was useful to have around, and thus, Fuji didn't go after him too much. One had to keep up appearances, however.

"But of course. It's a simple job, really. But one you're uniquely suited for. It has to do with Madame Inanna." That should get his attention.

Mori's eyes narrowed. Fuji sniffing around at him was one thing; it was fair enough, Mori was being a harassment. But he better not touch the Goddess or there was going to be hell to pay.

"I dunno what y'think I have to do with anything. An' she ain't done nothin' to you, neither." But he needed to know what Fuji had in mind, so he could warn her if nothing else. "But seeing as you're paying, I might consider it. Whatcha got?"

"I need your help with something that I'm not sure if she told you of or not." Fuji knew that Mori and Inanna were close; perhaps his plan might actually work. If it didn't and she refused...they were all in trouble.

"Lady Inanna is what some of us call...gifted. She's like me, only in a different sense." His eyes fell to the Psi Corp pin that was still on his uniform and looked at Mori meaningfully. "But she is untrained and dangerous. Not only to herself but to those around her. She needs training that I can give her but, for obvious reasons, is reluctant to do so with me. I need your help to convince her otherwise."

Mori was surprised enough to let his jaw drop in blank shock, staring at Fuji in utter astonishment. Whatever he'd been expecting, it wasn't that. Fuji was a lying bastard, that's what he was. What the hell was his game?

"You're shitting me," he said finally, shaking his head in disbelief. Jeez, at least come up with a better line. "What do you really want?"

Well, well. It seemed she didn't trust him quite that much with her little secret. He was fairly sure that there would be hell to pay later for telling Mori, but seeing the consequences of not telling him and getting his aid far outweighed whatever Inanna could dish out.

"No, as a matter of fact I'm not. However, I would prefer not to discuss something of such a sensitive nature out in the open." No telling where some disguised Psi Cop or sympathizer could be hiding.

Mori eyed him scornfully for a moment, but his curiosity got the better of him and what the hell. Fuji was on drugs or possibly insane, or else just spouting a load of bullshit to con him into...something, Mori had no idea what, but okay, whatever. He'd go with it for now.

"Where'd you have in mind?" he asked warily.

"My office." It was the only place on the ship that had enough shielding to prevent any outside interference. And whether Mori knew it or not, this could potentially become a problem that involved everyone, not just Inanna.

Mori did not like that idea at all, but he was fairly certain from his observations of Fuji that, as far as security bastards went, Fuji was a decent enough sort, and that Fuji wasn't going to either beat him up or molest him or arrest him for the petty harassment he'd been indulging in, so after another long, speculative look at the man he shrugged and nodded.

"Works for me."

"Then let's go." Fuji stood, dropping a few credits onto the bar to cover his and Mori's drinks. Glancing back at him, he led the way from Brown section to his office.

He walked in silence, letting none of his concerns out to Mori until they were safely within the walls of his office. He'd long ago made sure that the walls were insulated, making it impossible for anyone under a P9 to be able to hear or sense anything. Arriving at his office, he escorted Mori inside.

"Drink?" Fuji asked, pulling out a bottle of Seigaku brandy as he motioned for Mori to have a seat.

Mori smiled charmingly at him. "Don't mind if I do," he drawled easily, but he didn't intend to actually drink much. Didn't intend to let his guard down at all, not here. Fuji was a sneaky bastard, and he was up to something.

Of course he was sneaky. It was the only way Fuji had managed to survive as long as he had. Pouring the drinks, he handed one to Mori before taking his place behind his desk. He set the glass down without drinking any, his hands folded on the desk.

"Now then. The reason I'm concerned is because I have reason to believe that Psi Corp will be arriving soon. They were not happy with the takeover, and because of it, they've discovered the presence of a few...renegades." He already knew they wanted him back, but since he was in the military, they were powerless to act. At least for the moment. Inanna was another story. They would love to get their hands on her.

Mori rolled his eyes, but tried to hide it as he studied the glass in his hand. What the hell was Fuji on, anyway? Inanna wasn't some renegade psi! That was crazy.

"Why are you so interested in her?" he asked finally, keeping his tone light and amused, even bored. "She's just a madam of a successful brothel, not a threat. What makes you think she has any psi talent at all?"

"Let's just say I have a suspicion. And whether you believe me or not, whether it's true or not, makes no difference." Fuji toyed with a marble on his desk, staring into the glowing depths. "What matters is they believe she does and as long as they believe it, she is in danger."

Mori frowned at him and took a slow, considering drink of his brandy, letting it slide down his throat as he thought about it. "Okay then," he said finally. "Why do you care?"

"Why do you want to know?" Fuji returned, not at all phased by the question.

Mori's eyebrow rose and he laughed, watching Fuji with a bright mocking gaze. "C'mon now," he said dryly. "You got a reason. I'm not doin' nothing 'til I know what it is."

"If you insist." Fuji looked at Mori with an intensity that was almost scary. What he was about to tell him was no secret; most knew of it anyway. "I used to be with Psi Corp until I killed one of my own in self defense. They didn't see it that way. I'm listed as a renegade, but because part of my sentence was to join the military, they can't touch me. And believe me, no matter how I may feel about Inanna, no one deserves to be in their hands."

Mori looked back at him calmly, hiding his unease. Bastard sounded serious about this. It could still all be a trick, some kind of game he was playing to get Inanna into some kind of trap. But he looked like he believed what he was saying.

"So, what you want me to do?" he drawled finally, looking skeptical. "Don't think I want t'get mixed up in shit like that." He would, of course, if it was a genuine threat to the Goddess. But he wasn't convinced of that yet.

"Simple. Arrange a meeting between us so I can train her. If she isn't a threat they can't do anything since she isn't a citizen of Seigaku. But the important thing is to get her trained. She won't like it; she was openly hostile to me when I discovered what she is." Fuji remembered that encounter all too well. He still found it slightly amusing how defensive she'd become. Did she really think that, untrained, she could escape detection by a skilled psi?

Mori hid his scowl in another drink of brandy. Smug bastard. He didn't think he wanted Fuji getting anywhere near his Goddess, and he very much doubted that she wanted him around either. And it wasn't like Mori could convince her of much of anything; she was fond of him, he thought, but she wouldn't take advice from him, especially not about something like this. He didn't even know if Fuji was right about her.

"I'll think about it," he said finally, getting up and setting his glass on Fuji's desk. "Am I free to go?" No way he was agreeing to anything without talking to the Goddess first.

"You are. Try and stay on the good side of the law." Fuji smiled pleasantly, knowing his advice would be unheeded and probably scorned at. He didn't really care. Perhaps now Inanna would take him seriously about this. He was fairly certain she'd been keeping this from everyone around her. Perhaps it would show her that not even she was completely safe; that anyone could find out her secret and exploit it.

Mori tossed him a mocking salute and slipped out of the office, fading into the background once he got outside, making his way back down to his territory. He needed to think about this for a while, and then he needed to have a talk with the Goddess.