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spaced_akaya [userpic]
by spaced_akaya (spaced_akaya)
at April 7th, 2007 (01:09 pm)

Rated: Pg
Dated: About a week or two after Kirihara was brought back from Rikkai
Summary: Yanagi tests Kirihara.

Deep emerald eyes slowly traced the lines of a bookshelf, taking a few titles into observation. Instinctually, the dark haired boy would have licked his lips while observing things, but that had been something he was taught not to do right away. Perhaps that habit had disturbed his late father, or maybe it was something else.

Kirihara peeked through his curling and twisting black bangs and towards the door. He was told to expect a visitor. It would be something different, he’d been practically kept in solitary from the time he was removed to Rikkai, and was growing tired of staring at the various parts of his room. He’d observed the crack in the left ceiling tile, the fact his flag had been hung slightly crooked, and other things one would normally find pointless. To be frank, the boredom was finally getting to him after months of being dragged through a practical meat grinder in his reformatting back home.

Still- the visitor should be arriving at any moment now, leaving Kirihara still sitting on the edge of his bed and waiting- staring at the door.

Yanagi slid the door open and stepped inside. Kirihara's state had been much as expected so far, all factors considered, but there had been relatively little time for him to work with the boy, make the most of the somewhat awkward situation and the conditioning which Kirihara had been put through. This would have to change.

"Hello, Akaya," he murmured, observing the boy's responses carefully for anything which might indicate cause for concern.

Kirihara stood at attention the moment the door opened, his hands locked to his side and knees straight. He might not have been wearing his proper uniform, but every inch of his posture and demeanor stated he was a well conditioned and trained soldier of the Rikkai armed forces. He didn’t move or respond to the sight of his former teacher from before he was taken, short of a small nod of acknowledgement to prove he was listening to whatever it was that the older man from Rikkai had to say.

"At ease," Yanagi told him, for all the good it would do; informality was not particularly encouraged in Rikkai's soldiers, along with other such unnecessary features as personality and higher mental functions. The conditioning simply carried the general principles of behaviour in this context to their logical extreme. "I am not visiting to give you orders today."

The boy couldn’t help blinking at the order, he was not supposed to be in a relaxed state and he certainly shouldn’t be considered ‘at ease’, but that was a direct order. Finally deciding to just follow the order, he let his arms rest a bit at his side and his posture to relax from board stiff for now. “Permission to speak?” Once it was granted, he took a quiet breath before speaking up, “then what is the point of the visit today, Yanagi-san, sir?”

To see how you were doing, primarily, although that was not a terribly valid answer, not to mention being one Kirihara was unlikely to follow right now. "I have some material I would appreciate you looking over," he said finally. "Some questions and scenarios, and some passages I would simply like your thoughts on." Personal matters were less significant in his own eyes, and presumably not even a point to be considered for Kirihara right now. Still. He had not thought the presence of the brattish, untamable Kirihara he first met to be something he would regret the loss of, particularly. "Would you do that for me? The point to some of them may not be immediately apparent."

“Just papers and questions?” He couldn’t help being a bit skeptical, though he did well to hide it in his tone. He wasn’t sure he liked the idea of mental exercises such as questions, and he had no opinion to give unless it was given to him- this might be a bit harder than planned for. “Yes, I’ll look at them.”

"Good," Yanagi told him offering up a little hand-held data unit and keypad. He did not expect a great deal of this, not immediately, but it would be one way to track progress as well as attempting to force Kirihara's mind to think in a certain way. When it got as far as doing a great deal of thinking at all. "Please attempt to supply an answer even if you find the question difficult."

Accepting the device, Kirihara titled his head and frowned at it. This was something new to him, so he paused to examine it before starting the machine and sighed quietly at the first question. Right off of the bat they were questions with no clear cut answers or choices. He had to answer for himself…”Yes, sir.” He started to key in answers, make a small sound of frustration, delete it and restart again. There had to be a right answer, something expected of a Rikkai trained soldier.

Yanagi feigned disinterest while Kirihara struggled, giving every appearance of inspecting the terribly conventional and approved contents of the boy's shelves. This was, naturally, going to take some time.

He scrunched his face again and tried concentrating on the questions. He had no idea, they seemed to be questions of what should be done- with far too many options. Sighing, he keyed in another answer- then groaned quietly- deleted it, and keyed in another one. "Permission to speak again?" He waited- "What is the point?"

"An interesting question," Yanagi murmured, not looking around. "I suppose you are trying to find the... correct answers. Sometimes that particular method of examining the world will prove to be lacking, as you will discover." Let Kirihara think he was being deliberately obscure if he wished; to some extent he was. If that angered the boy as he was now, well, being liked was not something Yanagi expected or required at this stage.

"...there is no right answer on this one." He glared and prodded at the question on the screen again, sighing darkly and then skipping that one to try the next one. He was feeling a bit tenser as the next question was just as infuriating as the last. Biting on his lower lip, he shifted tensely and then went back to the prior one, his hands starting to shake a bit with annoyance.

Yanagi nodded, a slight incline of his head, barely noticeable. "I am quite aware of this fact," he informed Kirihara. "There is no correct answer, but there are answers which are not as wrong as others. Perhaps I should leave you to work on this. In your own time, of course. Unless you have specific objections."

"...that makes no sense." But now that he knew he wouldn't be able to look for a right-right answer, this would make completing the assignment at least a bit easier on his already throbbing head.

"I can bring it to you once its finished, unless you had a due date on it."

"Oh, no, there is no specific due date. Although..." Yanagi paused. "Of course the amount of time taken to respond will be somewhat significant. Well, I wish you luck."

He nodded and went back to work, a moment longer before remembering to salute the older Rikkai out of the room before returning to lock his door and continue his work on the questions until late in the night, if time was a factor, there was no time to waste.